Why Choose Us?

We are committed to the superior dental services we provide at Admire Your Smile, P.C.. Our dentist and team offer comprehensive dentistry in Jefferson City, Missouri. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cory Mack to create your healthier smile. We love giving back to our patients and our community. Call our office at 573-635-4852 if you have any questions about the services we offer. We look forward to meeting with you!

Mission Statement
As a patient-centered and health-focused office, we nurture relationships with our patients in a friendly and comfortable environment with the intent of achieving optimum oral health, improving quality of life while creating smiles to be admired.

The long-term goal for each and every patient is to keep teeth a lifetime with minimal dental treatment. WE will help each patient to overcome their problems and prevent future problems while recognizing that ONLY THE PATIENT can create and maintain a healthy mouth. Our responsibility is to faciliate their movement away from disease and towards health prevention and preservation.

We will do a complete examination to uncover all existing conditions, help each patient to understand WHY these problems exist, learn what we can do to help restore and then learn what they have to do to prevent recurrence.

We will only do for our patients that which we would do for ourselves given similar circumstances. Some are ready NOW to achieve optimum health and practice prevention while others may not yet be ready. Time is the variable while quality is the constant. We will be considerate of personal needs, respect our patients’ time as they will respect ours and treat each patient as a friend or family member.

We are a TEAM. Each member of our team is as important as another, including the dentist.

A healthier life begins with a healthy mouth! Let us help you to create A SMILE YOU CAN ADMIRE!